5 Signs that you are becoming Sexually Passive

Sexually Passive

There is a lot of wisdom available on the web about how to perk-up your sex life or perform better in the bedroom. However, this article takes your attention to a deeper level of our sexual lives, something that is a bit unpleasant but true—many of us suffer from episodes of becoming sexually passive. For some, it turns into a lifetime of being sexually inactive. This discussion tries to decode the common symptoms which indicate that you are fast progressing towards the ghastliness of becoming sexually inert. Some common signs include:

1. Your Sexual Mood Swings have Evaded You

Until now, you used to have these phases when sex reigned supreme on your mind. Whether it was at work or home, there were periods when you could think of the most innocent thing in a purely sexual manner. There was a certain degree of animalistic lust that raised its head sporadically, turning you into a sexually depraved beast for a few days. For most folks, this is the norm, where every few weeks they have this insatiable urge to have sex. However, if you have not been feeling it for more than a few months now despite being healthy and not stressed, chances are that you are losing the cerebral connection that is required for sustaining a bedroom life.

2. Your Type No Longer Interests You

No Sexual InterestWhether you are a man or woman, whether you are straight or gay, you are bound to find a particular body type, a personality trait or some quirk so attractive that you instantly want to bed that person. This is common behavior where our brains are naturally wired to a few things that are invariably linked to our sexual desire. However, if the gym toned thighs of a lady that used to drive you crazy earlier no longer work for you, a peep down those pouty bosoms no longer get your adrenaline going or the long haired beauties fail to generate any sexual interest in you, chances are that you are losing your perceptions that once were the doorway to sexual bliss.

3. Having Sex is Now Going Through the Motions

Please understand that being sexually passive is rather different from being sexually incapable. The former represents a stage where an individual might still be having sex but it doesn’t satiate the senses in the manner it used to. The best example of this is having sex without your heart or mind really being overwhelmed by the pleasures of it. This translates into having mechanical sex where you are simply going through the motions to ensure that your partner doesn’t feel let down or you just want to prove to yourself that you still have the capability to perform. However, you can have sex and still be very regressive about it. If sex seems like a task that you should perform, it doesn’t really excite you or leaves you tired rather than lifting your spirits, you are already on your way to losing your appetite for sex.

4. Sex No Longer Blesses You with its Advantages

Anybody will tell you that having regular sex is akin to providing yourself a quick round of rehabilitation where your entire mind and body are worked upon in the most healing manner. From better blood circulation to burning calories, relaxing your mind, granting you that feeling of accomplishment to raising your overall immunity levels, sex is a cure for so many of our everyday problems. However, these benefits can be derived only when you take pleasure from having sex and don’t frown upon it. Sex can stop being therapeutic when you start losing interest in it. When it just seems like a sweaty activity involving nudity, sex is at best a short bout of cardiovascular exercise. Its larger benefits are almost, totally eliminated. If having sex no longer cures that flare-up of headache the way it used to, you are definitely becoming passive about sex.

5. You have Lost the Need to be Touched

Sexually PassiveMany people don’t realize that sex is an extension of a very primal human need where physicality is required, where we require our body to be appreciated, touched and pleasured. This primal requirement is found across all animals, among which man is one. However, if you no longer feel the need to touch yourself or be touched by others, if the warmth of a human body no longer placates your mind, chances are that you have made some serious inroads into the world of becoming sexually passive. You are no longer suffering from a temporary phase of sexual inactivity.

Probably, there are deeper issues that need to be addressed first and resolved later.

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