5 Telltale Signs that you are Self-obsessed

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There is a major difference between loving oneself and being obsessed about it. The former is imperative to developing a healthy sense of self-worth while the latter can lead to an array of psychological issues. Being self-absorbed to the extent that you are fixated on the smallest of things that we come across in daily schedules or overreacting to things that could remotely affect your life represents something is wrong with how you perceive yourself and the world that surrounds you. This discussion talks about different signs that are indicative of developing a self-obsessive personality.

img credit http://bentremblay.com/en/

img credit http://bentremblay.com/en/

1. Always Craving to be the Center of Attention

This is among the more common symptoms of developing self-obsessive traits. It essentially means that you like the limelight to be solely on you whether you are at work or at home. You expect people to compliment you without having really done anything special for them. You start relating your sense of self-worth with the appreciation people bestow upon you. You crave people being nice to you and making you the center of every discussion they have. This borders on narcissism and can make life very miserable for you. Usually, such people will go to extremes to dress well or do something drastic to engage the attention of everybody. If you find yourself following highly-demanding self-grooming patterns on a daily basis beyond the scope of just looking good or presentable, chances are that your self-obsessiveness is already overtaking your judgment.

2. Being Oblivious to What Happens Around You

Generally, it is said that people who live in a state of ignorance are more prone to be happier since they know too little. The same applies to self-obsessed folks but with one, major difference, i.e. their ignorance doesn’t always translate into happiness. Such folks are seldom bothered about what happens around them or how they behave with the people that surround them. What seems like ignorance from the outside is actually lack of interest due to being preoccupied with one basic entity—what is happening to them even if nothing noteworthy is actually in progress. If you find yourself being often called rude or indifferent to other people’s feeling, it is very likely that you spend most of your obsessing about yourself.

3. Being a Typical Hypochondriac

Self-obsessive people are most likely to be disturbed by the smallest of changes in their health. A small bout of sneezes or a headache can send their entire week in a tizzy. The reason is rather simple to understand—since their attention is acutely focused on themselves, such people tend to magnify the problems, often thinking of the worst possible outcomes. Their rationality is often clouded as they start imagining the worst outcomes of situations that are otherwise quite containable. So, if you find yourself always over-dosing on the medications without proper prescriptions or being unduly worried about the smallest changes in your weight, looks or the onset of imaginary diseases, you are definitely progressing on the road to becoming a self-obsessive person.

4. Being Pre-occupied with Trivial Things

Most self-obsessive people qualify as borderline cases of OCD. They have some traits common with those diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This medical condition makes the person get fixated over the smallest issues that wouldn’t matter to most people. For instance, the smallest of scratches on the car can leave a self-obsessed person bothered with many sleepless nights. Such people are prone to let go of reasoning such as not thinking about how to get the scratch fixed but obsessing over how it would ruin their overall appearance. Even when at work, self-obsessed people are bound to believe in things that are unproven, supposing things on false pretexts. If you always find yourself obsessing over what people in the next cubicle of your office “might” be saying about you, it is most likely that you have developed some features of self-obsession.

5. Being Anxious without Reason

Self-obsessed people are most likely to be tense, anxious souls. Their mind cannot rest even when they are unbothered and not overworked. Their minds are continuously weaving theories and possibilities about themselves and imagining things without any reason. While it is better to have an active, pondering mind, there is nothing healthy about being consumed by over-thinking to the extent that it develops into serious anxiety issues. So, if you find yourself popping pills for unexplained anxiety, it might be a good idea to talk to a psychoanalyst about your self-fixated thinking patterns.

If not diagnosed and stopped early in its path, self-obsessiveness can lead to serious personality disorders, ruining your mental peace and derail your everyday life.

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