Choosing the Perfect Soundtracks


Doing things without music is very boring. It’s like everything becomes just another chore for you to do. So why not put things up a notch with a little bit of music and lyrics? Just choose the right ones and you’re good to go. But then again, it’s best to think about it because we have different moods on different hours and types of work that we do. You don’t want to listen to heavy metal when you’re trying to put your kid to sleep, do you?

1. Music for Laid Back Moments

During those weekend afternoons when you just want to relax and sit on your favorite couch or hammock, why not listen to some fun folk music to ease up the tension from stressful workdays past? You can try listening to Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson to feel better and unwind as their smooth and cool voice calms your soul. I listen to them whenever I play casual games at or your regular bingo at It’s fun winning some bingo rounds while you listen to feel-good music.

2. Music for Sleeping

It’s difficult to sleep while you listen to the eerie sound that silence makes. And whoever said lullabies are just for babies? Before I go to bed, I put my smartphone to music player mode and listen to Damien Rice or Glen Hansard, their voices are just soothing.

3. Music for Writing

Music is good when you’re writing, it creates a beautiful ambiance. But it sucks when the song currently playing has some lyrics, I get too distracted, I sing along and just forget what I was writing at worse. Good thing there’s Explosions in the Sky and other post-rock bands to set up the mood and bring good vibes as I write my work-in progress novel.

4. Music for Gaming

Whether it’s FPS or my favorite action games like Devil May Cry or Resident Evil, I always listen to heavy metal just to get fired up. Lamb of God, All that Remains, and It Dies Today playing on the background really pumps up my blood on getting those headshot kills and awesome combos. Cool!

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