How to maintain different pieces of lingerie


Lingerie is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Most lingerie is expensive and some women even form strong bonds with selected lingerie pieces and therefore there is a need to take care of our precious pieces. Proper care of these intimate garments will ensure they last longer and provide us with the comfortable or sexy look we all desire. The following tips will help ensure you get the most from your lingerie.


Quality is inversely proportional to the cost in most cases. When shopping for lingerie don’t go for the cheapest one since doing this will compromise the quality you get. More often then not, a more expensive baby doll is often made from better quality materials due to which it will last longer and be more comfortable. Cheap lingerie gets deformed or torn more quickly than expensive ones. The first step of maintaining lingerie requires you to ensure you buy the right quality but make sure you buy as expensive as you can afford.

Washing your lingerie is the best way of maintaining them. It not only promotes body hygiene but it gives you an opportunity check lingerie for worn out parts or stain spots. Since these undergarments are delicate and not forgetting expensive, proper care should be taken when washing them.

  • Read the label of every piece for washing instructions and other instructions.
  • Check individual pieces for unfastened parts or unraveled sections and stitch them up before washing. Also ensure that you have zipped and fasten all the buttons to prevent the zips and buttons from damaging your lingerie.
  • Dissolve your detergent in warm water faster and then put your lingerie and let it soak for five minutes. Gently scrub your garments to avoid ruining the embroidery. For a very dirty part of the lingerie, use a piece of rough cloth to scrub it and avoid using brushes to scrub.
  • Do not wring the lingerie dry since most of them are made of delicate material which may be deformed or over stretched by wringing. Lift individual pieces directly from the water and lay them flat to dry. Do not hang your lingerie on a hanging line since it may lead to stretching.
  • If you want to wash the lingerie in a washing machine, make sure you put them in a laundry bag and turn the washing machine to the gentle cycle mode. You can wash even the lingerie labelled ‘Hand wash’ in a washing machine with the gentle cycle mode. However, dry them naturally instead of using a dryer.
  • Separate your lingerie depending on material and color. To protect the color of an individual piece, wash lingerie with the same colors together beginning with the white ones and ending with black ones. Be sure not to wash your lingerie with your other clothes since lingerie is more delicate.
  • After making your lingerie is properly dried out, fold them carefully and store them in a designated drawer. Do not hang your lingerie in a wardrobe since doing this may cause them to stretch. Lingerie is made to perfectly fit and any form of fabric stressing may lead to them not fitting.
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