Louis Tomlinson pays tribute to his old band with his latest tattoo

Louis Tomlinson

Louis and his bandmates seem to share the same fashion when it comes to tattoos.   All of them have several tattoos on their body.  Recently, Louis Tomlinson paid tribute to his old band by having his former band’s name tattooed on his shins.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor Calder posted the picture of the shins in her Twitter account, wherein one of his shins got the word ‘The’ and the other one has the word ‘Rogue’.

In the photo, Louis was seen with his trousers rolled up in order to show his latest tattoo.

Louis Tomlinson new tattoo

Eleanor got another photo posted wherein the young guy was showing his chest while strumming his guitar.

Reports claimed that the new tattoo design was made after he met with former The Voice contestant Bo Bruce at the tattoo parlour, where he regularly visits for new tattoos.

His latest design comes after his last tea cup design last month that has its referenced from their hit song “Little Things”.

In the latest interview with We Love Pop magazine, his bandmate Zayn Malik claimed that he wants to have an entire collection of tattoos on his entire right arm up to his elbow.

Malik added that he got many ideas for his tattoos and enjoyed thinking of the ideas better than having them tattooed on him.

However, last month the band was in hot water as they were forced to delete their social media post, requesting their fans to submit photos of their tattoos.  They were accused of encouraging their fans to have tattoos.

Though, many of their fans are already of legal age some people fears that their fans would put on some tattoos just to get their idol’s attention.

The controversial status was later removed after the accusation.  The band’s spokesperson said that status was not serious and was posted in error.  One Direction never wanted their fans to get tattoos.

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