Paramore is confident that they will win MTV’s MMM

MTV’s Musical March Madness is now on round two.  Adios, My Chemical Romance! Sayonara, Mumford & Sons! were not among the lucky ones who stayed on top lists.
Defending champs Tokio Hotel overcame a serious contest from My Bloody Valentine, Thirty Seconds To Mars overthrew Soundgarden, and Evanescence got past Ke$ha with no sweat at all. The powerhouse Paramore did not have a problem taking down Portugal.

Paramore entered MMM 2013 with a big advantage over the other participants after almost winning the tournament over the past three years.  These included a championship game loss to Green Day in 2011, but they claimed that this year they will become the champion.

But things are getting tougher now since they are about to face off against Metallica.  Many are asking if they can still win the contest.  The answer is definitely yes since they have the support from millions of their fans.

Hayley William said that they are confident that they will win, but admitted that this will be a tough battle for them since they are against a legend in the music industry.

Bassist Jeremy Davis added that they got cool fans that are willing to support them in every way they can.

Paramour hopes to go against Tokio Hotel after they beat Metallica in the second round of the contest.  The voting polls will close on Monday April 1 at noon ET — Hayley and her crew got their strategy to win themselves a victory against their rival … and eventually move closer to their ultimate goal, which is to end the reign of the Kaulitz brothers as MMM champs.

Guitarist is very confident to say that they are ought there to get the buzzer shot.  That made up most of their plan for every round.  They are going to rely on their fans to end up as the winner in the second round.

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