Yoga does really help



Yoga fights heart problems. You can reduce the risk of atrial fibrillation, if you practice yoga, according to a recent article put out by Reuters. Not only that, yoga practitioners can control their heart and spare it an irregular heartbeat, which is know to cause strokes.

The news provider reported that a small study conducted by researchers at the University of Kansas found that individuals who participated in yoga classes three times per week not only reduced their instances of irregular heartbeat by 50 percent, but also reported decreased levels of condition-related anxiety and depression.

The lessons included instruction in breathing exercises, yoga postures, meditation and relaxation.

Although the researchers said that regular physical activity has been shown to reduce blood clotting, three months of yoga classes were found to provide enhanced health benefits when compared to the same amounts of cardio exercise.

“These findings are important because many of the current conventional treatment strategies for atrial fibrillation include invasive procedures or medications with undesirable side effects,” said lead researcher Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy.

The scientist told the news source that strokes may occur when an individual’s blood pools and clots in the upper regions of his or her heart due to atrial fibrillation, and the mass subsequently travels to the person’s brain.

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